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Future Asset Services P/L

Structured Finance - Property



Future Asset Services (FAS) is an advisory company involved in structured finance and property.


The FAS executive comprises 3 highly experienced professionals who have each had many years of practical involvement in all aspects of real estate and financing numerous projects with both government assistance and standalone private sector finance.


The principals of F A S, being Arthur Lane and Christopher Herde are supported by Tim Hyde who has advised the Commonwealth Government and many State Governments on capital raising and has been involved with all aspects of nominal and real rate bond financing for over 30 years.

F A S created the Local Government Bond Deed which allows NSW Councils to fund infrastructure by restructuring their existing debt and refinancing through access to the long term capital markets.

Over the last few years FAS has developed a financial model which addresses the specific issues of housing for Key Workers and Affordable and Social Housing tenants. This model is extremely efficient for analysing the potential of specific sites, the optimum mix of apartments for different tenant cohorts and the various alternative financing options. 


We also have strong connections with a range of other specialists eg architects, master planners etc who can be brought in as part of any project team. 

FAS is approved and qualified under the NSW PMS. Capability:15. Infrastructure:

Strategy and Planning, Risk, Major Project Procurement /Delivery, Project Management, Contracting, Communication.


In addition, FAS is registered with CHIA as having demonstrated experience in Section 2.1 being finance, business planning, property development and risk management. 


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